Meet Jeppe

Despite his young age, Jeppe is the longest streaming person on Kingbonus, apart from the founders Natvig and Ole. Jeppe has the absolute highest drunksick leave-rate in the channel. However, this is not because he is a frequent party animal, rather a consequence of being the default Sunday streamer. Known for sunglasses and caps and a below average in maths. His memory, on the other hand, is incredibly good.

Step into Jesper’s stream, and you’ll immediately notice his trademark style. This unique fashion choice not only sets him apart but also adds an extra layer of coolness to his streams. Equally important is his trademark radio voice. With Jesper, every spin is a chance to showcase his signature look and spread some positive vibes.

Jeppe’s biggest win

01 One Chip Challenge Eat one extremely spicy chip and avoid eating or drinking anything afterwards.
02 Standup show for 10 min on Stream
03 Eyebrow Piercing
04 Get a Max win on stream Get a Max win on stream Completed by: Jeppe, Svippi, Mato, Natvig
05 Write a poem Write a poem and perform it live Completed by: Natvig, Svippi
06 Do a bonushunt on stream Get min. 15K balance and do a bonushunt on stream Completed by: Everyone
07 Get a 5000x + on stream Get a 5000x + win on stream – Basegame – Feature spin, and BB’s with max 500x cost Completed by: Jeppe, Mato, Natvig
08 Get a 1000x + base game hit on stream Get a 1000x + on stream – Base game only Completed by: Svippi, Jeppe, Mato
09 10 Cheeseburgers challenge Order 10 cheese burgers from McDonalds, and eat them in 15 minutes Completed by: Svippi
10 Ice bucket challenge Empty a bucket of ice water over your head Completed by: Everyone
11 Shave your hair Remove hair on head with clipper. Max 3mm remaining Completed by: Natvig, Svippi, Jeppe
12 Make a song and perform it live Not Completed
13 Plate of cream on another streamer Completed by: Everyone
14 Scare prank on another streamer Completed by: Jeppe, Svippi, Natvig, Ole
15 Breakfast makeover Get a makeup for breakfast, and keep it for at least 6 hours on stream Not Completed
16 Hair Swap (Let someone else color your hair) Completed by: Jeppe, Natvig, Svippi
17 Nose Piercing Not Completed
18 Color your hair Completed by: Jeppe, Natvig, Svippi
19 Eyebrow shaving Not Completed
20 Eyebrow coloring Not Completed
21 Crack an egg on your own forehead Completed by: Everyone
22 Crack a egg on another streamer Completed by: Everyone
23 Jump in the pool fully clothed Completed by: Everyone
24 Eat a Chili Completed by: Mato, Jeppe, Svippi, Natvig
25 Waxing of legs Completed by: Mato, Jeppe, Svippi, Natvig