ELK Social Tournament

Welcome to the fourth ELK Social Tournament for KingbonusTTV members on Twitch. It is very important that you read, understand and follow the instructions to participate. There will be no goodwill if you make a mistake during registration. To participate you must be 18+ years or older.

Read the instructions below!
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3 Consecutive and Independent Tourney days

This iteration of the ELK Social tournament, in collaboration with Kingbonus, will be divided into three separate 1-day tournaments where you as a player gets to play three new games from ELK, all with their own prizepools, increasing your chances to win!


Where all previous tournaments have started at midnight (00:00), this one will be slightly different and opens up at 10 AM (10:00) every morning. The reason is to avoid overlapping sessions on the server.


This edition of the ELK-tournament will have 150 spins per day/slot. Remember not to increase the default betsize. If you run out of balance there is nothing we can do until next tournament. Recommended betsize is €1.

April 26th

🎰Game 1: Pirots
🕰️Start: 10:00 – End: 23:59

🎯Achievement: Collect Coins
📝Explanation: Score points by collecting as many coins as possible (accumulated coins won over 150 spins)

April 27th

🎰Game 2: Ashoka
🕰️Start: 10:00 – End: 23:59

🎯Achievement: Biggest coin win
📝Explanation: Score points by getting the biggest possible coin win in to the same spin.

April 28th

🎰Game 3: Dead Mans Gold
🕰️Start: 10:00
– End: 23:59

🎯Achievement: Symbols feature hunt
📝Explanation: Symbol feature hunt over 150 spins.

1st of May: Winners will be announced on Twitch stream, KingbonusTTV will do the bonus buys live.

The prize structure of the tournament

  • There will be a leaderboard that tracks the performance of all participants in the tournament.
  • The top 3 performers of each day of the tournament will win prizes according to the list below.

Prizepool per day of the tournament:

  • 🥇1st: X-iter 500x Superbonus on 0,4€ bet (Value €200)
  • 🥈2nd: X-iter 500x Superbonus on 0,2€ bet (Value €100)
  • 🥉3rd: X-iter 100x Bonus on 0,6€ bet (Value €60)

Instructions to participate are as follows:

The tournament is 100% free to participate in, but an essential requirement is that you must follow KingbonusTTV on Twitch, and have sent at least 1 chat message in our channel.

1: Enter your exact Twitch username in the window above. Don’t care about the @ (name@operator). Only enter your exact username exactly as it appears on Twitch. If your nickname is longer than 13 letters, you must write as many letters as you can and be correct in terms of capital and small letters.

2: Click on the 3 lines in the upper left corner to open the menu.

3: Click on the gift package that says: Promotions.

4: Enter the promo code: Kingbonus and click submit.

5: You are ready to play your 150 tournament spins on the slot of the day. Remember not to increase the default betsize. If you run out of balance there is nothing we can do until next tournament. Recommended betsize is €1.

Your points are calculated automatically, and are based on your wins weighted towards the achievement of the day. You only get one attempt at your 150 spins so we wish everyone the best of luck, and may the best win!

The bonus buy is played live on stream at KingbonusTTV on 1st of May. Exact time to be announced.