Play together and win together with LiveSpins

Livespins is a completely new concept that combines the best of two existing worlds within casino. Regular slot machines and Live Casino. Livespins allow you to bet on the slot that the streamer (host) is playing.

Yes, you heard that right, choose your bet, activate the spin or auto-spins, and let the streamer do the rest. You actually connect on the host’s game, if he wins, you win exactly the same measured in X (bet multiplier). You let the host do everything for you except choosing bets. Of course, you always control your money yourself.

Kingbonus on Livespins every Friday for 4 weeks!

Kingbonus is excited to announce a collaboration with Livespin for the next four Fridays, starting 24 march 2023! As the first Twitch streamers to adopt this concept, one of our streamers will be on Livespin while another one of our steamers will be streaming on Twitch, betting behind.

To participate, register on CasinoFridayMetaspins, Highroller or any other casino connected to Livespins.

Promotion on Friday, April 14th: Enter the draw for €200 at CasinoFriday with only a 1x wagering requirement, but the funds must be used on Livespins. To participate, simply type “!join” in the Twitch chat whenever Ole conducts a raffle. There will be 3 – 5 raffles during the broadcast, and Ole will do them every now and then on a random basis. The winners will be added to a wheel of fortune at the end of the stream, where ultimately 1 lucky person will take it all!. Best of luck to all participants!


  • 24 March 2023
  • 31 March 2023
  • 7 April 2023
  • 14 April 2023

The team is eager to hear your feedback on this innovative approach, so please share your thoughts on Discord. With Livespins evolving significantly since our last collaboration, Kingbonus hopes this partnership will be entertaining and enjoyable for all viewers.

Win the same


If the host plays Dog House with a 5 euro spin bet, you can connect and bet 0.2 euro on the same game he plays. Or 0.1 euro if you want. If the host then receives a casino bonus that pays 500x, and you participate in the relevant game that triggered the bonus, you win a full 100 euro with a 0.2 euro bet. Possibly 5000 euro if you had a 1 euro bet.

So just for the avoidance of doubt: What the host spends on bet per spin has no effect on what you win. It is the win multiplier in the spins that you are involved in measured against your bet that applies.

How can I use LiveSpins?

Increased winning chances?

We often joke about the so-called streamer RTP. Thus the myth that the streamer you see playing online casino and broadcasts it on Twitch or Youtube has a better RTP (Return To Player) than other players. This is of course a myth, but the truth is as follows:

A professional casino player who broadcasts his activity via the internet spends hours every day at the casino. Therefore, he gets a better overview of which games and/or game providers might be worth a try that particular day. Yes, slot machines are random, i.e. random results for each game that is generated. But anyone who has played a bit of casino knows for sure that a machine that gives you many nice wins one day, can be completely impossible to win the next day. And the day after that.

Experienced host

Professional casino players are from day to day updated on all new releases from the various suppliers, and not least, a professional casino player has much more in-depth knowledge of the various game suppliers about how the mechanics each individual uses to construct their machines work in practice. Here again; anyone who has played a bit of casino and has managed to recognize the different game providers knows that you expect different behavior on a machine from Netent vs Pragmatic Play vs Play’n GO to take these as an example.

Based on this, it is neither wrong nor misleading to claim that the common man will increase his chances of winning by participating in Livespins. Anyone who has played an online casino knows that it is very common to go back to the exact machine you had a big win on 3 years ago. Time and time again you try to replicate your winnings with varying degrees of success. That’s because your brain tells you that you can win here. But as a rule, you can’t recreate the achievements from back then. Or possibly you have been completely absent from everything called casino and slot machines for a long time.

Let yourself be entertained

The only thing you want is to switch off your brain, and relax with something good in the glass and let yourself be entertained. That’s when Livespins comes to the rescue and gives you the opportunity to be left with both profit and mental stimulation without any significant effort on your part. There is a reason why Casinofriday is called exactly what it is called. The Friday feeling. That feeling you strive and long for all week. Livespins™ is the world’s first Friday feeling multiplier!

Social and interactive

Livespins are to the highest degree both social and interactive. You can participate as both a spectator and an active player. Livespins facilitates direct communication both with the host and the other participants through a lovely chat function on the site. The chat is direct and without delays.

If, for example, you join the game and get tired of what the host is playing at the moment, you can ask him to try a slot machine of your choice. If you join and bet, it is almost guaranteed that your wish will be taken into account, and you will see your favorite slot machine on the screen very soon.

Not to mention the host would get a big win on the slot machine you suggested. Then you will not only become richer in terms of money in your account, but you will also become the big hero among all the others who participated and won. Can it get any better?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LiveSpins?

Livespins is a completely new concept that combines the best of two existing worlds within Casino, namely regular slot machines and Live Casino. Livespins allows you to bet on the slot that the streamer (host) is playing.

Which casinos have LiveSpins?

CasinoFriday and Highroller are the sites that have LiveSpins available so far. Read more on our website about how LiveSpins work.

How do you win at Livespins?

LiveSpins is built so that if the streamer/host gets a win that is 10 x the money. For example, he/she plays for €5 and wins €50. If you play behind him/her, you will also win 10 x your money. So if you bet €0.2 per back spin – you will then win €2.