Unlock Bonus

Unlock bonus is a new type of casino bonus we’ve been seeing increasingly more of lately. In a nutshell, this is a welcome bonus you receive after you’ve completed the wagering requirements. The wagering requirements must be completed using real money. If you’ve lucked out the first time around, you’re normally allowed to make a new deposit. That makes you able to continue on the same wager. What’s so unique about this bonus is that when you finally receive the money, it is already wagered, and you can withdraw it any time.

An unlock bonus is a welcome bonus that is getting increasingly more popular. We and many others at Kingbonus have tested it, and we are extremely happy with how it works. Currently we list one casino which offers this bonus type, namely NeonVegas. The concept of unlock bonuses is quite new. These bonuses are aimed both at people who like a challenge, but primarily those who prefer to play without any bonus. Because, once you have completed the wagering requirement you get extra money. That is, you get extra profit for managing to complete the bonus.

How make use of the unlock bonus

If you win big when just starting out or while wagering the bonus, you can cancel it and withdraw your winnings. You get an unlimited number of attempts. If you lose your first deposit and have completed 80% of the wagering requirement, you can make another small deposit to get to 100%.

Another big advantage of an unlock bonus is that you never risk getting d+b wagering requirements (deposit + bonus). If you want a different kind of casino bonus, such as a no-sticky bonus, you can visit Casinofriday or any other casino that offers this.


NeonVegas Casino offers a massive welcome bonus of 500% up to €500. This means that you need to deposit €100 if you want to maximise your bonus. Wager the bonus money 20 times, and you get €500 as a “gift” for finishing the task. The money is credited without any wagering requirements.

In addition to the generous welcome bonus, NeonVegas is one of the prettiest casinos we’ve ever seen. With a vast number of games to choose from and top of the class customer support you have nothing to worry about. Withdrawals and the verification process are quick, and there is no maximum bet while wagering the welcome bonus. But remember that you won’t receive the bonus until you have wagered the deposit amount 20 times.

If, for example, you get to 50% of the wagering requirement using your first deposit and lose, you can make another deposit to complete the wagering requirement and get the bonus you deserve!

Test our 500% up to €500 Unlock bonus on NeonVegas here!


CasinoFest is a brand-new casino launched in November 2022. They are bringing out the big guns with a three-part welcome package of up to €1000 plus massive 1000 free spins. All three welcome bonuses are unlock bonuses, and the first deposit gets you a 100% bonus up to €200. For the second deposit the bonus is 50% up to €300 + 200 free spins, and the third deposit gives you a 100% bonus up to €500 + 700 free spins.

The free spins are credited on Fire Joker, a popular slot from Play’n GO. The wagering requirements for all three bonuses plus any winnings won from the free spins are 50x. CasinoFest is an MGA licensed casino from the renowned BP Group Ltd. They are also operating several other sites, including Rapid Casino and 21.com.

CasinoFest 100% up to €200 Unlock bonus!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Unlock Bonus in Online Casinos?

An unlock bonus is a modern and innovative welcome bonus feature offered by some online casinos. Instead of receiving the bonus funds upfront, players get them after fulfilling the stipulated wagering requirements. Players must use real money for these wagering conditions, and once they meet them, the bonus money becomes instantly available for withdrawal. This bonus is especially appealing to those who prefer straightforward gambling experiences without complicated conditions.

How do Unlock Bonuses Differ from Traditional Bonuses?

Traditional casino bonuses typically give players bonus funds immediately after making a deposit. However, these funds come with attached conditions, usually in the form of wagering requirements. In contrast, unlock bonuses only grant bonus money after the player has completed the wagering requirements using their real money. One significant advantage of unlock bonuses is that once players receive the bonus, there are no additional wagering requirements, making it instantly withdrawable.

Are Unlock Bonuses Suitable for Every Player?

Unlock bonuses are tailored for players who appreciate a challenge and those who prefer playing without initial bonuses. They are ideal for players who desire a transparent and direct reward mechanism. However, those accustomed to traditional bonuses might initially find the system unfamiliar. Ultimately, the suitability of unlock bonuses depends on individual preferences, risk tolerance, and gaming strategy.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Unlock Bonuses?

– Simplicity: Once the wagering requirements are met, players receive bonus money without further conditions, making the process straightforward.
– Flexibility: If players achieve substantial wins during wagering, they have the choice to forego the bonus and withdraw their winnings instantly.
– Transparency: There are no hidden conditions once the bonus is unlocked. Players can withdraw their bonus money immediately, making it a transparent and fair system.

– Initial Challenge: Players need to fulfill the wagering requirements with their real money before accessing the bonus, which might be challenging for some.
– Unfamiliarity: For those accustomed to traditional bonus structures, the unlock bonus system might seem unfamiliar and might take some time to get used to.
– Limited Availability: As of now, not all online casinos offer unlock bonuses, so players might have to search a bit to find platforms that provide this bonus type.

Understanding the pros and cons of unlock bonuses can help players make informed decisions on whether this bonus type aligns with their gaming preferences.