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Welcome to the Kingbonus Big Wins showcase! We are excited to invite all community members to share their most thrilling casino victories. Whether you’ve hit a jackpot, landed a massive payout, or achieved an extraordinary winning streak, we want to hear about it! Upload your big wins and not only inspire fellow players but also get a chance to be featured in an exclusive reaction video by our top expert streamers. Let’s celebrate our successes together and build a vibrant community of winners!

Episode 1 – Live 7th of June – 2024

Instructions for Uploading Your Big Wins

Step 1: Extract Your Big Win

  • Generate a replay link from the slot you got the big win on. Please note that not all providers offer this feature. If you are unsure how to do this, please ask for assistance in our discord server.
  • You can also do a screen recording from the device you used while playing if no replay function is available.

Step 2: Submit Your Entry

Submit here on the website

  • Fill out the submission form below with the required information.
  • Upload your video clip, or replay link by clicking the “Submit” button after you have pasted in the URL link.
  • By submitting you agree to the terms and conditions.

Submit in our discord server

  • If you are a member of Kingbonus discord server you can also upload your big win there.
  • Look for the channel in discord named “Big Win Uploads”, and upload your link there.
  • The same terms and conditions are applicable for discord uploads.

Don’t have Discord?

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🎰Big Wins Upload Form

Enter the required details below, and paste in the link to your big win video or replay.
In case we need to contact you in discord to sort out further
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Submissions must be genuine and verifiable. Any fraudulent entries will be disqualified
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Why Share Your Big Wins?

  • Get Featured: Stand a chance to be highlighted on the Kingbonus website and social media channels.
  • Exclusive Reactions: Selected big wins will be reviewed by our expert streamers, in a special YouTube reaction video.
  • Join the Celebration: Be a part of a supportive and enthusiastic community that celebrates each other’s successes.

Terms and Conditions

  • By submitting your big win, you grant Kingbonus the right to use your image, video, and description on our website and social media channels.
  • Submissions must be genuine and verifiable. Any fraudulent entries will be disqualified.
  • Kingbonus reserves the right to edit descriptions for clarity and length.