Secret Merch Giveaway

We have a variety of merch items from our top casinos, and our own Kingbonus collection! The selected images above are all showing actual gear that is in the prize pool + many more!

Get ready for a surprise! Our Secret Merch Giveaway is your chance to receive a special merchandise item from a wide variety of options.

Kingbonus would sincerely like to thank Fruta, Fortune Play, Just Casino, Slotbox, Rooli, and Big Boost Casino for their generous support of the Marbella ’24 trip! Their sponsorship made the event both possible and unforgettable. If you want more fun trips and exclusive content in the future, make sure to sign up with these online casinos through Kingbonus. We truly appreciate your support!

May 14th – May 18th – Deposit and play on Big Boost Casino

Deposit and play on Big Boost Casino between Tuesday May 14th and Saturday May 18th (23:59) to get your secret merch!

Play at Big Boost Casino to get your secret merch!

Highlights of the campaign

  • Everybody will win: By depositing and playing on the campaign casino during the campaign dates you will get a surprise merch item shipped to your preferred address.
  • No minimum deposit: There’s no requirement as to how much you need to deposit to be eligible for your guaranteed prize.
  • Random merch: Even if you are guaranteed a merch item, we can’t promise that you get a BigBoost item by playing on BigBoost Casino, hence the name ‘Secret Merch Giveaway’

When you participate in the Secret Merch Giveaway, you’ll be eligible to receive a surprise merch item from our collection. It could be anything from cozy Rooli socks to a stylish t-shirt from Just, an exclusive hoodie, and many other exciting items including our own Kingbonus gear!

Register in the simple form below to get your prize!

The thrill of the giveaway is in the surprise—each participant will receive one random merch item, so you never know what you’ll get!

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How to Participate

  • Deposit and Participate: Deposit and play on BigBoost Casino Between Tuesday May 14th and Saturday May 18th (23:59 CET).
  • Fill in the form above: Fill in the simple form on this page to participate.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Registration: In order to be eligible to qualify for a guaranteed merch prize in the Kingbonus – BigBoost Merch giveaway, participants must be registered via Kingbonus at BigBoost.
  • Age: Players must be over 18 years of age to participate, and your player account on BigBoost needs to be active. No duplicate accounts or active self exclusion period will be accepted.
  • Prizes: All merch items will be shipped to your preferred address. By participating you accept that we contact you to get your shipment details as name, phone, postal address and number.
  • Customs fee: We are not responsible for settling customs fee if it is applied to the shipment.
  • Timeframe: You have 14 days to reply to our outreach. After that your participation will be void.
  • Deposits: There is no min. deposit required from our side. The min. deposit on the payment method you use will be the threshold.