Sticky Bonus

Sticky bonuses are the most common type of deposit bonuses offered at casinos online. For this type of bonus, the deposit amount and bonus amount are normally credited to the same balance, and you have to wager the entire sum in accordance with the wagering requirements.

However, there are also some casinos which operate with two separate balances, namely one for the deposited amount and one for the bonus money. In these cases, you use the deposited money first, while all winnings are credited your bonus balance. This means you will eventually run out of money from your deposit even though you win big.

The wagering process starts from the moment you spin the reels. What’s so great about sticky bonuses is that you usually get twice as much fun at half the price. If you have a casino bonus with a 30x wagering requirement, you must wager the amount 30 times before you can withdraw your bonus money.

Why use a sticky bonus?

There are several reasons why you should jump at the chance to get a sticky bonus. Unlike traditional casino bonuses which you can withdraw as soon as the wagering requirements are met, sticky bonuses cannot be withdrawn. Instead, they are meant solely for wagering purposes. Here are a few reasons why you would want to use a sticky bonus:

  • Extended playtime: Sticky bonuses provide extra money to play with, hence making sure you can enjoy more games and have a longer gaming session.
  • Higher bets: Since you get extra money to play with, you’re able to place bigger bets, which means you can potentially win bigger prizes.
  • Safety net: Sticky bonuses cannot be withdrawn, meaning they can act as a safety net for your deposit. If you lose your initial deposit, you can continue playing with bonus money.

Wagering requirements for sticky bonuses

Normally the wagering requirement applies to the bonus money only, but occasionally you’re required to wager both the deposit and the bonus money. Therefore, you should read the terms and conditions before accepting a bonus.

Different casinos have varying wagering requirements and terms, so it’s important to read all T&Cs before you start playing. As a new customer at a casino, you’re often offered a 100% bonus. Some casinos even offer a bonus package comprising of several different bonuses for your first couple of deposits, usually from 100 to 200%.

Make sure you read the rules!

It’s important to read all bonus terms and conditions to figure out what you can and cannot do. For example, there are often several slot machines that are excluded from play with bonus money. Hence, it’s important to avoid playing on these. Usually there is also a maximum bet limit per spin. Most casinos have a max limit of €5, but it’s important to check what applies at your casino.

If you’re unsure or don’t understand the bonus rules, you can contact customer support. For your own safety it’s always a good idea to archive your conversation with the service agent. Should there be any misunderstandings in the future, you’ll always have written documentation of what you’ve been told.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a casino offers a sticky or non-sticky bonus?

It might be a bit tricky to figure out whether a bonus is sticky or non-sticky. You can always find out by reading the bonus terms and/or asking customer support. However, the easiest way to check this is by reading Kingbonus’ reviews. We will tell you everything you need to know.

Which is best – sticky or non-sticky bonus?

Generally, there isn’t a correct answer to this question. Each offer must be considered in detail to be able to make a comparison. Having said that, the kind of non-sticky bonus offered from CasinoFriday, for example, is probably the best you can get.

Can I reject a sticky bonus after I've already accepted it?

It depends on the casino’s terms and conditions. In most cases, once a bonus is accepted, it’s automatically credited to your account. However, if you haven’t started using the bonus, some casinos might allow you to forfeit it by contacting their customer support. Always check with the casino’s policy and seek clarification from customer service if uncertain.

Are the wagering requirements for sticky bonuses usually higher than other types of bonuses?

Not necessarily. The wagering requirements for sticky bonuses can vary widely from one casino to another. Some might have higher requirements due to the potentially larger bonus amounts, while others might offer more favorable terms to attract players. It’s crucial to read the fine print and compare offers to determine which is most suitable for your playing style.