Flexi Bonus

What is a flexi bonus?

A flexi bonus is a bonus system offered by selected online casinos and bookmakers. Flexi bonuses give players greater control and flexibility of their bonus balance. This type of bonus is based on the “Bonus to Cash Ratio” (BCR) principle. This is the ratio between the player’s cash balance and bonus balance.

Therefore, it’s important to consider the relevant bonus percentage. A 100% match bonus is the easiest in terms of wagering management, as the BCR is 50/50. If you have a cash balance of €50 and a bonus balance of €50, the ratio between your real balance and bonus balance (BCR) is 50/50. Hence, 50% of your stake is taken from your cash balance and the other 50% from your bonus balance.

How does a flexi bonus work?

When placing a bet while having an active flexi bonus, the bet amount is deducted from your cash and bonus balance according to the BCR ratio. Likewise, winnings are credited your cash and bonus balance in the same ratio. If you win €20 from a spin with a BCR of 50/50, €10 will be credited your cash balance, and €10 will be credited your bonus balance. This applies until the wagering requirements are met.

Betti Casino offers flexi bonuses

Betti Casino and sportsbook is currently the only site at Kingbonus that offer a flexi bonus. However, note that the bonus at Betti only can be wagered on slots and slot machines. The offer is 100% up to €500 with a 35x wagering requirement (d+b). While wagering the bonus, there is a maximum bet of €5.

Of course, you can withdraw your money any time, and since this is a 100% bonus, the “Bonus to Cash Ratio” (BCR) will always be 50/50. Even though the wagering requirements are at the higher end, this means you can ensure a good profit if you’re lucky enough to win big before the wagering requirements are met.

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Flexi bonus: an example

You get a flexi bonus offer of 100% up to €500 with a 35x wagering requirement. You deposit €150; hence you have €300 to play with, kept in separate balances of €150 each. If you spin the reels with a stake of €1, then €0,50 will be deducted from each of these balances per spin. If you’re lucky and win a big prize of, let’s say €500, then €250 will be credited each of the balances.

This continues until you’ve hopefully managed to complete the wagering requirements. At this point, the bonus balance is converted into real money and transferred to your cash balance. So, what’s the point of a flexi bonus?

You can request a withdrawal at any time

The biggest advantage of a flexi bonus is that you can request a withdrawal of your cash balance before you’ve completed the wagering requirements. The wagering requirements specify how many times you must wager the bonus balance before it’s converted to cash for withdrawal. If you request a withdrawal before you’ve completed the wagering requirements, you must forfeit the bonus.

When you think about it, this bonus system is quite fair. With an active bonus you always play with 50% of the casino’s money. Therefore it’s only fair and proper that you keep only half of it if you make a withdrawal before the wagering requirements are met.

When is it profitable to cancel a flexi bonus?

According to common sense, it would be worthwhile to cancel a flexi bonus if you win big at an early stage while wagering the bonus. Instead of struggling to complete the wagering requirements, as you’re required to do with a regular sticky bonus, you can withdraw your profits right away.

Everyone who has played at an online casino knows that the turnover requirements can be quite hard to complete. Especially after a “flying start” with a solid win. The balance will often relentlessly decrease while trying to wager the bonus. This is probably the best reason to consider a flexi bonus, if you are lucky enough to be offered one.

How about a 50% or 200% flexi bonus?

A flexi bonus works according to the same principle regardless of the bonus percentage. Simple arithmetic tells us that the bigger the bonus, the bigger ratio of each spin is bonus money. Here are some examples of BCR for different scenarios.

  • BCR for a 50% bonus: 66.6% real money and 33.3% bonus money
  • BCR for a 100% bonus: 50% real money and 50% bonus money
  • BCR for a 200% bonus: 33.3% real money and 66.6% bonus money
  • BCR for a no deposit bonus: 0% real money and 100% bonus money

For a no deposit bonus or winnings from no deposit free spins, the BCR is 100% bonus money. This means you must complete the entire wagering requirement to convert the bonus into real money.


A flexi bonus is an innovative bonus system that gives players greater control and flexibility of their bonus balance. The BCR principle makes it easy to see the distribution of stakes and winnings from the cash and bonus balance, respectively. This system also makes it possible for the player to withdraw money from their cash balance at any time, even though the bonus balance is still subject to wagering requirements.

If you’re looking for a bonus system that gives you more control over your funds, then flexi bonus might be the perfect option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flexi bonus?

In a nutshell, a flexi bonus is a casino bonus where your cash balance and bonus balance are kept separate until the turnover requirements are met, while you can cancel the bonus and withdraw your cash balance at any time. The amount you can withdraw is determined according to the BCR (Bonus to Cash ratio) principle. Read the entire article for more information about flexi bonuses.

How many casinos listed on Kingbonus offer flexi bonuses?

Kingbonus currently list only one casino which offers flexi bonuses, namely Betti Casino.

What is the greatest advantage of a flexi bonus?

The greatest advantage of a flexi bonus is the flexibility to withdraw money from your cash balance at any time, providing more control over your bonus and cash balance.

What is the best strategy when playing with a flexi bonus?

Play strategy is at the player’s discretion, but generally we recommend considering a withdrawal if you win big before the wagering requirements are met. This especially applies if you’re in an early phase of wagering the bonus.